Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Of Drummers and Drumheads

Well hello hello!
Welcome to the audio ramblings of SoundSpiral Audio.
Drummers ahoy! I’ll start with you guys.

Change your drumheads before recording. First off, with old heads you won’t be able to tune the drums as low as with brand spanking new skins. And we all love the low rumble of that floor tom don’t we? Also, with your year old heads, stick attack/high end on the drums will be non existent. Trying to eq it back in is like fighting an uphill battle. The tom mics will become additional cymbal mics in no time.
And bare in mind that the skins lose their magic after just a few days of bashing.
Some go as far as re-skinning the set after each day of recording. But that might be a sign of having a little more money than the average Joe.
And yes. The resonant heads too…
-Juho Räihä-

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